[linux-audio-user] Problems starting JACK...

Carlos Pino pinojazz at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 09:55:37 EST 2005

 Hi,sorry about the delay of the answer,I'd been very busy.
 First of all tank you  very much for interesting in my message,I 
couldn't imagine to have a response from the main developer of one of 
the best things made for Linux-Audio,and excuse my english.

     I'm very newbie in this kind of linux tasks,and try to learn as 
much as I can.
     I'm trying to build my own audio-system and compile only the more 
ussual  apps for me;Ardour and Jack are the main core of this.By now I 
take the Demudi kernel till I learn to compile my own,and compile with 
succes Ardour and some other apps.Before try to compile jack I installed 
it from Sid  and everythings works fine  but the message that shows at 
the window messages, that doesn't  have influence  with the normal 
function of jackd.

Paul Davis escribió:

>On Fri, 2005-11-11 at 17:33 +0100, Carlos Pino wrote:
>> Yeah,you are right .I complied jackd as you say and the "cannot write 
>>to jackstart sync pipe 4 (Bad file descriptor)" message  doesn't 
>>appears  anymore.Now the problem is  with ardour,that doesn't want to 
>>start after thhis compilation.
>>   Here is the output  :
>my guess is that you have just committed the cardinal sin of setting up
>your system so that there are two versions of JACK installed.you
>started one, and ardour is trying to start the other. i wish we could
>detect this situation and report it more accurately, but we don't know
>how to right now. you should never ever have more than 1 JACK install on
>a machine unless you are confident that you know everything there is to
>know about JACK, and perhaps not even then.
  Ok it will be present in the future.

>when you recompiled JACK, did you remove the old version first?
   I did many things in the procces and probably no.At the second time I 
remove all about jack and try again.But if I remove the compilation 
installed and do an apt-get install jackd,everything goes back to the 
fine working but the "cannot write to jackstart sync pipe 4 (Bad file 
descriptor)" message return.

> what
>--prefix= argument did you give configure?
  First I did --prefix=/usr    and later leave blank to use the default 

  Now I'm at the begin again,I removed all the jack staff and have the 
source code to try to compile.I will read more about this and see what 

 Again thank you very much for your interest.

Saludos from Spain
-- Carlos.

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