[linux-audio-user] [HOWTO] How to create music with GNU/Linux

Emmanuel Saracco esaracco at free.fr
Sun Nov 13 14:59:48 EST 2005

Le dimanche 13 novembre 2005 à 13:19 +0000, james at dis-dot-dat.net a
écrit :

Hi James,

> Wow.  This is a big project.  I like the idea of consolidating
> documentation like this for people new to the scene.
> Have you considered opening up the development?  A wiki might work.  I

Personnaly I think that wikis are not really efficient for tutorials
like this. I prefer to manage patches and comments and release versions.

> know I would like to add bits and pieces - seq24 for example, or
> jack-rack, or jamin.

Great! Easy: just send me DocBook XML patches or simple text with

> Good luck with this.  It's an ambitious project, and I wish you well.



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