[linux-audio-user] linuxsampler compilation problems

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Mon Nov 14 01:33:22 EST 2005

Carlos Pino wrote:

>  Hi there,
>   Im trying to compile  linuxsampler from source and get this message at 
> the make process:
>   Synthesizer.cpp:54:   instantiated from here
> ../common/Resampler.h:142: error: memory input 2 is not directly addressable

This may be a g++ version issue. 

If you are using either g++-4 or g++-3.4, try using g++-3.3,
it may allow you to compile.

If you are already using g++-3.3 or earlier then ignore this

  Erik de Castro Lopo
Being really good at C++ is like being really good at using rocks to
sharpen sticks." -- Thant Tessman

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