[linux-audio-user] Ingo's RT patch: please tell this newbie the best jack settings

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Mon Nov 14 20:25:01 EST 2005

 > 1) The current kernel from Ingo would be 2.4.16-rt9. I think that rt5
 > didn;t last very long and had some problems. Please try -rt9.

OK, will do.

 > 2) Make sure you reinstall the realtime-lsm package after building 
that kernel.

If I remember correctly this also included a PAM patch: does it still?
I will investigate.

 > 4) Making best use of the kernel requires that you understand the ISR
 > number for your sound card and reset it's priority higher. This helps
 > a lot in reducing or eliminating xruns.

How does one control the IRQ number of the device? I thought this was 
determined by the hardware.
Can you point me to a URL so that I might learn more? (I dont really 
know what terms to search for)

 > 7) Make sure you have the Jack FIFOS mounted on tmpfs.

Of course!

 > As a comment, I don't personally like Jack in /usr local. You might
 > consider rebuilding Jack one of these days with:
 > ./configure --prefix=/usr

I was using a modified jack.spec file from the CVS distro of jack. I 
will change my version but perhaps I should suguest this change to the 
jack people as well?

 > Hope this all helps a bit,.

It does very much! I didnt really realize that the LSM module ran on top 
of the rt patch!
Does your kernel have Default linux capabilities enabled? I cannot 
remember if this is supposed to be on or off with the LSM module...

Thanks for the help Mark!

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