[linux-audio-user] xfst (no sound)

Brian Sturk bsturk at adelphia.net
Thu Nov 17 02:32:09 EST 2005

I managed to find xfst after not having much luck w/ jack_fst.  I'm running a 
pretty recent version of wine under gentoo linux.  xfst successfully launches 
every VST I've thrown at it so far and I even see what seems to be it kicking 
off a MIDI thread when routing MIDI from muse to it through jack.  I believe I 
have everything setup correctly (although I am mostly likely doing something 
wrong) but I do not hear anything.

Relevant info:

	Gentoo Linux 2.6.12
	Built in sound card ALSA works fine
	Wine version wine-20050725-r1

Routing MIDI from muse to xfst running Crystal VST
Routing audio out from Crystal VST to alsa_pcm outs

Am I doing something incorrectly?  I have tested jack etc by using zynaddsubfx.


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