[linux-audio-user] Edirol UA-25: Any issues?

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Fri Nov 18 02:28:43 EST 2005

Pete Leigh wrote:
> > * Last but not least: Does it run at full duplex (2 ins and outs at the
> > same time), and what latency can it provide (the lower the better :) ?
> From the info at edirol.net, it will run in full duplex at up to 48KHz, and
> "half duplex", either in or out, at 96KHz.
> I gather from the downloadable manual that it will only do 16/44.1
> with advanced mode switched to off, and only 24bits with advanced
> mode on, at least under windows. I'd be interested to know whether
> 16/48 could be achieved under Linux, despite this (ie if it's a limitation
> of the windows drivers).

The advanced mode is supported in Linux.

> I've also been looking at the UR-80 - which has similar features to
> the UA-25, minus the limiters and the loopback feature, but with
> a 43-control midi controller interface added (they are very cheap
> at one online store I've looked at, about the same price as the UA-25,
> which seems a good deal).
> Clemens Ladisch was helping someone get this going, but (from
> looking at the archives) the attempt fizzled out when a request to
> provide lsusb -v output at the different settings went unanswered
> (sort of). I'd guess it could be made to work.


> Apparently there is an alsa patch especially for it, but I don't know
> if that means the controller stuff will work, and how much of it.

The quirk is for the MIDI port, which means that probably _only_ the
controller stuff will work.


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