[linux-audio-user] IRQ conflicts, acpi, and linux audio

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Sun Nov 20 02:31:50 EST 2005

> Are you running straight fedora or ccrma?

Fedora Core 4 with the standard kernel with the LSM module.

> If ccrma, I've read there's a package
> called rtirq which seems to have something to do with re-prioritizing interrupts
> (in software) though I don't know the details. I think you'd need to be running
> the planet ccrma kernel (or equivalent) for it to work..

A (in no way) comprehensive search yields that rtirq is a patch, possibly only to the 2.4 kernel.

I am going a different route: I would like to update my BIOS first and see if I
get more control over the BIOS that way. As of now I have IDE control and the option to turn off
three things and that is it. I THINK my motherboard chipset is SiS755 and I found the
sis755MAX.bin file so that SHOULD work... On boot my BIOS ID# is
63-0100-000001-00101111-071504-SiS755-258KA000-Y2KC, and though I cannot find the exact match for
that number there is the SiS755 portion which corresponds with the chipset and the host controller
for my machine. Weither or not chipset and host controler are the same as motherboard - who knows...
And to that end I have a question:

My laptop has no floppy drive: is there a way to boot DOS from CD without any memory management
drivers loaded so that I can flash my BIOS?

I have looked into FreeDOS, and sent one of their developers an email, but just to cover my bases
has anyone here solved such a problem before (and if so, how please)?
If I cannot do this I might find where my modem is enabled or where drivers are built for it in
the kernel and rebuild the kernel without thoes drivers. I may have been dreaming but I seem to 
remember a previous kernel running on this machine without having to disable acpi when the modem
was not loaded.

Thanks again for the help!
Lee, we could put this despute to rest if you have a machine with that latency timer module
Takashi Iwai (I think) wrote. You could run the kernel latency tests with shared IRQ's and without
(somehow?) It seems to me like IRQ reordering could help but I have only one semester studying
the x86 architecture under my belt. Anyway, if Intel and Microsoft cam up with something it has
to be buggy, right? ;)


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