[linux-audio-user] recording AC-3

Tony Lill ajlill at ajlc.waterloo.on.ca
Sun Nov 20 15:10:26 EST 2005

Has anyone managed to record an AC-3 audio stream from an nforce4 mobo?
It's got a coax spdif in, and it claims to have two capture devices:

Linux-x86_64-2.6.14 $ cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [CK804          ]: NFORCE - NVidia CK804
                     NVidia CK804 with ALC850 at 0xfebfd000, irq 16
Linux-x86_64-2.6.14 $ cat /proc/asound/devices 
 18: [0- 2]: digital audio playback
 25: [0- 1]: digital audio capture
 16: [0- 0]: digital audio playback
 24: [0- 0]: digital audio capture
  0: [0- 0]: ctl
 33:       : timer

but using arecord -D hw:0,1 -f dat /dev/null gives an i/o error. 0,0
just gives silence, so I'm assuming that it's the mic in. This is with
ALSA 1.0.8 and kernel 2.6.14

Is it even possible to do this? If not, has anyone done this with some
other soundcard?

On a somewhat related note, how do you use ecasignalview on these alsa
devices (since you can't use a , in the filename).

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