[linux-audio-user] IRQ conflicts, acpi, and linux audio

Emanuel Rumpf x at branwelt.de
Sun Nov 20 16:09:04 EST 2005

Tim Blechmann wrote:

>>The nvidia driver is only necessary for hardware accelerated 3D which
>>doesn't have much use on an audio box.
>1. there are programs that do audio and video at the same time / that
>use the graphics acceleration to display the gui
>2. the open-source nvidia driver didn't work for more than 3 minutes,
>but when doing audio, i need to see, what i'm doing ...
>cheers ... tim
Unfortunately the open-src nv driver has had a havyweight
display bug with some programs (e.g. rosegarden) on my system
Installing the closed-src nvidia driver was no fun, but
now it does the job, and openGl stuff is a lot faster...

where would I disable acpi? In the bios or in the kernel-config?

I have the UA-25 card too but also cannot get latencies lower than 16ms
(according to qjackctl)
(kernel 2.6.13, full rt-preemt, pam patched)

regards, emanuel

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