[linux-audio-user] IRQ conflicts, acpi, and linux audio

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sun Nov 20 16:17:50 EST 2005

> 1. there are programs that do audio and video at the same time / that
> use the graphics acceleration to display the gui

there are occasions where I like the nvidia driver, maybe for twin view 

> 2. the open-source nvidia driver didn't work for more than 3 minutes,
> but when doing audio, i need to see, what i'm doing ...

mine works for far more than three minutes ;-) .

Lee always is *very* supportive and spends lots of time helping others. 
I think it's absolutely OK if he asks not to use binary modules. For 
sure there are various good reasons for not using the binary drivers. 
It's absolutely OK if he says "If you use the binary drivers don't 
expect too much help".

Just to clarify: I for myself have used the nvidia driver for a long 
time :) .

Best regards


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