[linux-audio-user] IRQ conflicts, acpi, and linux audio

carmen ix at replic.net
Sun Nov 20 18:40:37 EST 2005

> >The nvidia driver is only necessary for hardware accelerated 3D which
> >doesn't have much use on an audio box.
> >
> Hm? Does the free driver finanally work with built-in gfx on nforce 
> boards?

don't know...still refuses to work on my 6200, which is vastly similar to the onboard, either with 6.8.whatever or 7.0-CVS. you get a neat row of distorted pixels then flashing screenfuls of solid colors or white..

contrast this with my soundcard (From EchoAudio) where the company itself has yet to release any 64bit drivers, for windows or linux, but the open-source ones work perfectly...

i guess id say use what works, but of course open is better.

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