[linux-audio-user] Converting streaming Ogg into MP3 in real-time

Steven Clift slc at publicus.net
Mon Nov 21 11:14:11 EST 2005

Any thoughts?

With the Democaster http://dowire.org/wiki/Democaster protoype we
automatically convert Ogg to MP3 and vice versa for our _on-demand_
archives (something we use with Icecast2).  I need to know more about
the capacity issues with real-time conversion.  What is the best way to
do this in both real-time and/or  for on-demand files? 

Our project's goal is to make local community public meetings and events
accessible while also using non-proprietary/open source or free to use
software to the greatest extent possible.  We have to use MP3 to make
the audio accessible for now. As we bring on some community groups to
use the system with little technical savvy, I'd like to say, encode in
Ogg (Winamp w/Oddcast) and we will do the rest.  Sending community group
representatives to secondary site to download LAME encoders is something
that may scare them away.

Steven Clift

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