[linux-audio-user] intermittent X blackout in rt kernel

Aaron Phillips adphillips at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 15:25:08 EST 2005

> Which cpu do you have?
I have AMD X2 also, the AMD X2 3800, interesting...

> I have seen this coupled also to keyboard repeats
> being too fast because of kernel problems in keeping time (in my case
> related to using AMD X2 dual core processors).
Really?  well should I turn down repeats in the BIOS or in Linux?

> The X blackouts were actually the screensaver kicking in. It is supposed to be fixed...
In which version is it supposed to be fixed.  I am using the latest
and greatest 2.6.14 plus the latest RT patch (rt13).  The only thing I
don't quite understand is what to do with the post-release version
increments such as how do you patch that?

Which kernel are you running and do you have the same problem still?


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