[linux-audio-user] Text to MP3

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Wed Nov 23 18:42:24 EST 2005

Terrence <terrencevak-lau at terrencevak.net>:
> Wolfgang Woehl writes:
>  > cat textfile | txt2pho | mbrola voicefile - - | encoder
> I tried doing:
>  cat an.txt | festival --tts | mbrola test.mp3 - - | lame -
Syntax is "mbrola <path to voicefile> <phoneme file> <output>"
So you would say something like
... | mbrola en1 - - | ...

> but it just did a little encoding that sent the results to the
> screen. Am I missing something, or misinterpreting something?

I don't know. Me not using lame cause mp3 so lame. But you will probably 
have to tell it that the input is raw pcm, maybe the samplerate that 
comes out of mbrola and a name for the file lame is supposed to lame, 
err, create. Manpage has details, I'm so sure :)


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