[linux-audio-user] Text to MP3

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu Nov 24 05:31:55 EST 2005

Terrence <terrencevak-lau at terrencevak.net>:
>  Which does the "voice file" and "phoneme file" refer to?  Are
> those the text and MP3 files?

Terrence, there really is no way around reading up on the mbrola stuff. 
Read "mbrola -h" and the webpage. You need a "voice" so that mbrola can 
say something. See the mbrola pages for links to voices. All this is 
not related to mp3 at all.

The basic dataflow is 
1. Transform a textfile into a list of phonemes that
2. mbrola understands and turns into audio data which
3. You can then pick up and do with it whatever


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