[linux-audio-user] Maudio audiophile USB

Ronny ronny.tittoto at tiscali.it
Thu Nov 24 17:37:35 EST 2005

Hi All,

I am using Linux Fedora FC4 and M-Audio Audiophile USB.
This card works perfectly in output when using ALSA directly,
e.g. alsaplay -d plughw:2 works fine!

Problems rise when I try using Jack.
even if I managed to get it starting with
jackd -dalsa -dplughw:2,0 -r44100 -p1024 -n4 -Pplughw:2,0 -S -o2

The sound out I get is weird, a distortion that looks to be related to
buffer cycles etc.

I am using jackd 0.100.1

Anyone that can help me on this?
I see that some of you could get it working fine with Jack. How did you
manage to do so?

So far I cannot record with ALSA too but it would be great to solve at
least the jack issue.

Thank you in advance for the help,


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