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Sean Edwards cybersean3000 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 25 06:29:34 EST 2005


My name is Sean Edwards.  I have used Linux on my
desktop at home since 1997.  My computer career
started in 1993, and I have done System Admin work
since earning a Novell Certification in 1995.  In
2002, my career became Linux focused on a full-time
basis.  I have done both contract and full-time work
in Chicago, Dublin Ireland, and now Omaha.

I learned to play guitar 30 years ago, and took a
break from it for 10 years when I started my family. 
Before the kids came along, I used to do sequencing on
a 486 DOS computer, connected to external MIDI
equipment.  For years, the only Linux audio I used was
for ripping and creating CD's.  Last year, I
discovered the Planet CCRMA project, and was a lurker
on that list for several months. This Autumn, I
decided to get back into computer music and I find
what is available for Linux to be overwhelming!

Here is my equipment list:
Yamaha TX81Z (2)
Alesis MIDI Data Disk
Alesis HR 16 Drum Machine
Yamaha MJC8 MIDI Junction Controller
Alesis 1622 Mixer
A.R.T. MultiVerb
Behringer V-Amp Pro
Behringer UltraTwin

The computer is an AMD K7 500Mhz, 768MB RAM, VooDoo 3D
AGP Video Card, and a 20GB hard drive.  My previous
employer provided me with a PowerBook G4 with 1GB RAM,
and Garage Band could not play more than 3 synthesized
voices simultaneously.  My 6 year old desktop does
more music with Linux than Garage Band on a newer

The software I mostly use:

-=Sean Edwards=-

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