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Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Fri Nov 25 09:38:39 EST 2005

Sean Edwards wrote:

>This Autumn, I
>decided to get back into computer music and I find
>what is available for Linux to be overwhelming!
It is getting pretty nice here, isn't it ?

>Here is my equipment list:
>Yamaha TX81Z (2)
>Alesis MIDI Data Disk
>Alesis HR 16 Drum Machine
>Yamaha MJC8 MIDI Junction Controller
>Alesis 1622 Mixer
>A.R.T. MultiVerb
>Behringer V-Amp Pro
>Behringer UltraTwin
Looks like we worked at the same music store. ;)

The 81z is a neat synth. It was my first synthesizer, FM was the first 
synthesis method I learned. I now own two TX802s, but the 81z can be 
picked up for cheap on eBay these days, I'm considering buying one for 
its unique approach to FM (e.g. waveform sources other than sine waves). 
Someday maybe I'll have the ready cash to buy one of a cheap TG77 from 
an eBay seller.

NI's FM7 is pretty cool too, if you want to try running a VSTi under Linux.

Btw, did you know that JSynthLib includes very nice editors/librarians 
for the 802 and the 81z ?

>The computer is an AMD K7 500Mhz, 768MB RAM, VooDoo 3D
>AGP Video Card, and a 20GB hard drive.
Looks like we bought our computers at the same store too. ;-)

>  My previous
>employer provided me with a PowerBook G4 with 1GB RAM,
>and Garage Band could not play more than 3 synthesized
>voices simultaneously.  My 6 year old desktop does
>more music with Linux than Garage Band on a newer
GB looks pretty cool, maybe I'll try it someday. Meanwhile I have my 
hands full with Ardour and JAMin.

>The software I mostly use:
Solid senders all.

So, welcome to the list and our maybe-not-so-little-anymore community. 
Be sure to let us know when we can hear some of your work ! :)

Best regards,

Dave Phillips

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