[linux-audio-user] amd64 - distro questions...

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 13:09:47 EST 2005

On 11/21/05, Piotr Pruszczak <p.pruszczak at pro.onet.pl> wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> I used to work with Debian (for 2 years as desktop) and I purchased
> amd64 3 weeks ago just to have top performance and possibility to use
> some dssi software / syntezathors etc...
> Just, I need some advise from Gentoo users - as I have to say, that I am
> just a little bit disappointed with poor *deb repositories, problems
> with dependencies and ... just I am thinking of "switch" by audio
> station to Gentoo (I love Debian for philisophy of GNU && independence
> and always will, however I WANT TO MAKE THE MUSIC ;)  )
> So, please AMD64 Gentoo guys, advise me - am I thinking right or not ?
> Also, how REALTIME LSM is working with Ingo Molnars patched kernel
> 2.6.14* / is DSSI working properly / maybe any Audio manuals for Gentoo ?
> and of course - I am interested in PURE64 architecture ;)
> --
> Piotr

   I'm a Gentoo AMD64 user and am running a pure 64-bit setup. The
audio part of it works pretty well for me, but there are a number of
limitations in the overall/non-audio system. Much web based multimedia
doesn't work at all. For browsing I'm using a binary 32-bit version of
version of Firefox, along with all the emulation libraries so that I
can use plugins that work.

   There aren't too many limitations on the use of non-multimedia
application code in portage. The trick seems to be deciding when to
use ~x86 and ~amd64. That's a bit of a frustration but not a major

   There are issues with the Radeon drivers from ATI working on the
most recent kernels and with 64-bit but I haven't worried yet about
that stuff.

   I am having problems with some Wine stuff from Cedega.

   Please don't look for overwhelming amounts of AMD64 support here in
Linux audio land. AFAICT not too many developers have these machines
and so when problems come up they are not likely to get addressed very
fast. For instance xfst will not compile for me right now, nor for the
last 2-3 weeks.

   Overall I don't know of a better way to build a 64-bit machine
today, but granted, I haven't tried any others. This one worked more
or less out of the box for me in terms of running Ardour, Aqualung and
a few other apps. I have had to do my own kernels wit this box where
that was not necessary on my 32-bit Gentoo machines.

Hope this helps,

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