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studio-64 fsmith at walescomputers.co.uk
Fri Nov 25 13:46:40 EST 2005

HI Sean
I can recomend The M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 this is controlled by 
Envy24control. and gives you the analogue outs and spdiff out.

I use it in my mastering machine into and out of the Spdiff and have had 
no problems with this card.

I'm not sure of the cost now was ok when I bought it.

Do a google.


Sean Edwards wrote:
> I do not have something ready yet.  Since I am using
> the consumer grade sound card embedded on my
> motherboard, it is difficult to get the 16 bit stuff
> to sound good.
> Does anybody have any tips?
> --- lilli chiffon <lilli.chiffon at free.fr> wrote:
>>Le vendredi 25 novembre 2005 à 02:56 -0800, Sean
>>Edwards a écrit :
>>>Oui, je suis nouveau sur cette liste.  Mais je ne
>>>pas nouveau a Linux ou a musique.
>>Do you have something what can i listen to ?
>>Tu as quelque chose que je puisse écouter ?
>>P'tit Louis.
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