[linux-audio-user] amd64 - distro questions...

carmen ix at replic.net
Fri Nov 25 14:27:29 EST 2005

>    I'm a Gentoo AMD64 user and am running a pure 64-bit setup. The
> audio part of it works pretty well for me, but there are a number of
> limitations in the overall/non-audio system. Much web based multimedia
> doesn't work at all.

disagree. the only thing that doesnt work is silly flash animation sites, and annoying flash banners, and a few sites that are lame enough to use flash for the navigation. no big loss. the latest mplayerplug-in even has support for google video, and quicktime, and windows media, providing the codec is implemented via ffmpeg or such - it usually is. its nice to reclaim that diskspace and kernel compile time that was just so i could see silly flash ads i didnt even want to see

> For browsing I'm using a binary 32-bit version of
> version of Firefox, along with all the emulation libraries so that I
> can use plugins that work.
>    There aren't too many limitations on the use of non-multimedia
> application code in portage. The trick seems to be deciding when to
> use ~x86 and ~amd64. That's a bit of a frustration but not a major
> hinderance.

you should use amd64 ~amd64 and manually ekeyword/emerge --digest or ACCEPT_KEYWORDS if its missing, most stuff that hasnt been marked yet works fine

the biggest problem ive had is jack crashes a lot when compiled with gcc4. recompiling jack and alsa-lib and the kernel driver etc iwth 3.44 brings back stability, which is rather odd, but whatever.. and PD doesnt work, and Chuck runs and segfaults, SC won't compile, but every other audio app works great

> fast. For instance xfst will not compile for me right now, nor for the
> last 2-3 weeks.

it compiles with -m32 on a multilib system after a few tweaks with the makefile. but running a 32bit jackd and a64 bit jackd and connecting them via UDP is kind of silly. i guess plug:jack via alsalib might work too, but i didnt try that before deleting multilib :)

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