[linux-audio-user] [ardour-users] new song on-line

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Sat Nov 26 23:46:59 EST 2005

A review is just not quite the same withut Mr.

>>Parker's 2 cents! :)  
>>Where the heck is he? 
>I started doing some corporate audio and have been
>very busy with it. I did a show with Ron Jeremy, Sex
>and a hole lot more, a few days ago. I got the
>warthog's autograph and taped it next to Salvador
>Dali's signature on a forged limited edition print of
>his The Sacrament Of The Last Supper.
>Jeremy is a most bizzare phenomenon. He's uglier than
>sin and a sexist pig yet I watched dozens of beautiful
>young girls nurse him at their breasts. When it came
>my turn, to get his autograph, he wouldn't even look
>at me. LoL. He's definitely cool.
>Just glad your still alive! :) Was going to write a crappy guitar tune with lots of fubar just to see if I could get you to respond! 

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