[linux-audio-user] [ardour-users] new song on-line

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sun Nov 27 06:45:02 EST 2005

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

>Dave Phillips wrote:
>>Craig Anderton has written an excellent article on what he calls the 
>>Tutt/Guerin effect.
>Dave, I've done a quick search on the web for this but found nothing.
>Do you have a link? It sounds interesting.
Hi Erik:

  Alas, it's not in electronic form. It can be found in his book on 
using Master Tracks Pro, it was published by AMSCO Publications and is 
probably not in print anymore. And I have no scanner. :(

  It is an interesting article, he did his typical good job revealing 
and explaining crucial differences between the players and how a 
sequencer can be utilized to approximate their styles.

  It's too bad there's no complete collection of CA's writings in 
electronic format. Like Russell pointed out, Anderton's been a big 
influence on a lot of people. His writing style has been an inspiration 
for me, he presents technical subjects in plain and clear language, and 
he usually imparts a sense of fun.



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