[linux-audio-user] IRQ conflicts, acpi, and linux audio

Pete Leigh pete.leigh at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 11:15:28 EST 2005

On 27/11/05, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:

>>>Changing interrupt priorities of internal devices on a laptop is not
>>>possible. The devices are on the motherboard and are hard wired to
>>>specific inputs on the PIC. You cannot change them at all.

Hmm, probably I didn't understand very well, but I didn't think the
situation was quite as bleak as this...

Didn't Clemens Ladisch write a (now outdated) patch to re-assign
APIC priorities in software, and a program to change PIC interrupt


... And isn't part of the point of running the rt kernel patch that
you can give your choice of priorities to the different interrupt
handling threads?

Is the latter an intrinsically inferior solution?

> As far as I know Linux does leave BIOS IRQ settings alone, or can be
> told to.Possibly thewade should look at what BIOS control, if any, his
> machine gives him.

I think his BIOS doesn't give him any control, which is why he was
trying to identify the motherboard, to get a less restrictive BIOS :-)

- Pete.

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