[linux-audio-user] Linux Lighting

carmen ix at replic.net
Sun Nov 27 18:15:55 EST 2005

On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 11:51:37PM +0100, Olivier Guilyardi wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently planning a live show using Jackbeat and modifying it for this
> purpose. This is about music of course, but I'm also interested by controlling
> lights, to warm the dancefloor up.
> The technology in this area seems to be named DMX, and there seem to be some
> Linux driver project called dmx4linux, by the Linux Lighting Group.
> I'm not sure that this DMX technology is the solution to my problem.
> Here's what I'd like to do :
> - control 16 light sources
> - control the luminosity level of each of these light sources (!= on/off)
> - do this is in C from Linux
> - for less than 400 ? (including light sources)
> - building simple diy hardware is ok

there's the behringer lc2412, it was about $150 USD and has 30 faders and 30 buttons which all send MIDI and DMX, or recieve MIDI (unmotorized) and convert to DMX (512 channels, but i dont know exactly what that means...you still need dimmer packs etc) . had to open it up and put some mineral oil on the faders to make them slide like a dj mixer, they were kind of slow by default but otherwise a decent deal if you dont mind stuff made in china and not totally "DIY"

> Any idea ?
> --
>   og

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