[linux-audio-user] M-Audio Audiophile 192

Ctirad Fertr phanatic at volny.cz
Sun Nov 27 19:28:20 EST 2005


No! Audiophile 192 is a differrent card than audiophile 2496 and it is not 

Also, the card itself is quite overpriced, IMO.  There are better cards for 
less money, eg. Esi Juli@ or E-MU 0404. However, they are also unsupported :(


> HI
> Yes
> Envy24controll can access the card for Linux.
> I use it with Agnula.
> Dont forget to disable any onboard sound cards.
> Cheers
> Bob
> Bungee wrote:
> > Has anyone used this card. It looks excellent on the face of it but can
> > it be driven by linux?

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