[linux-audio-user] Re: Linux Lighting

Olivier Guilyardi ml at xung.org
Mon Nov 28 07:07:49 EST 2005

Arnold Krille wrote:
>>>The technology in this area seems to be named DMX, and there seem to be some
>>>Linux driver project called dmx4linux, by the Linux Lighting Group.
>>there's the behringer lc2412, it was about $150 USD and has 30 faders and 30
>>buttons which all send MIDI and DMX, or recieve MIDI (unmotorized) and
>>convert to DMX (512 channels, but i dont know exactly what that means...you
>>still need dimmer packs etc) .

Midi is not needed here. The solution to my problem would be some so-called DMX
controller, which act as an interface between the PC and (DMX?) dimmers.

The idea would be to modify my application (Jackbeat) to control light in
addition to sound, using dmx4linux (see: http://llg.cubic.org/dmx4linux) and a
supported DMX controller.

Now, I really need to learn some more about what happen on the output of this
DMX controller thing... I'm very new to this lighting stuff.

> The Behringer has one big disadvantage: You can only control it via
> midi as you would using its controlsurface. That means that you have
> to programm it right and than you can midi-input to control the faders
> (which may or may not correspond to the dmx-channels). One can do very
> cool things with the LC2412 but controlling via midi is not a primary
> usage for it.
> But there seem to be usb-dmx-boxes on thomann.de but I have never
> heard (until now) wether they are usable under linux...

Here's the list of supported devices supported by dmx4linux:

I just checked this 55 EUR Enttec USB controller :

This firm seems to officially support Linux. Looks great...


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