[linux-audio-user] Linux Lighting

Jacob jacob01 at gmx.net
Mon Nov 28 08:00:37 EST 2005

On Mon, Nov 28, 2005 at 12:43:03PM +0100, Olivier Guilyardi wrote:
> Jacob wrote:
> > ...
> I've seen some 100 ? DMX controller on the parallel port (IMG Stageline DMX-60).

I had access to a parallel port device made by soundlight, it was
controlled by sending ASCII sequences to /dev/lp? . 

> > The 400 EUR limit seems to be a problem. Either you are really lucky and
> > get a used set of lamps, dimmer packs, cables, ... or you'll have to do
> > some not-so-simple hardware/programming stuff on your own. 
> > An important influence on the money you have to spent has the power
> > consumption of the light sources: e.g. if you want 16 PAR64 with 1kW
> > each you'll spent much more than if you used PAR56/300W.
> Power consumption is not included in this price. I want to play in some Parisian
> clubs: electric power is their problem, not mine.

It was the price of dimmer packs and lamps I thought about. The power
consumption relates to the amount of light that comes out of the light
source (standard tungsten). If you have to illuminate a large area,
you'll be probably not happy with 300W light bulbs. Especially if you
would like to use dark intensive colors.

> Audience security... I forgot that one. Okay, DMX is the way to go.
> Renting is ok for me. But say that I simply use the lighting
> installation of the club I play in : would I just bring my laptop and
> DMX controller ? 

Yes (IIRC, there are to different pinouts/connectors being used for DMX ?),
given that the installation is DMX based which I would expect, if they
have 'intelligent' light gear. 

> If the club's lighting installation isn't "DMX
> compatible", would a set of dimmers do the trick ? 

Even in non-DMX environments I would expect to find dimmer packs. Before
DMX was standard, voltage was used to control to packs (0..10V) which is
still supported by some current dimmer packs. Perhaps you try to get a
DMX-to-voltage converter in those cases.

> Can I expect to
> find such "DMX compatible" lighting installations (like dimmers I just
> plug my controller into) in most of clubs/discos/concert halls ?
> (I suppose that I should just ask places I know...)

Always ask in advance if you are not sure, sometimes clubs offer
technical specs e.g. via internet. 

BTW: If you have special requirements concerning the colors, get a set
of filters on your own. 

> >  
> > The blinkenlight guys had done something like that for the arcade
> > project in Paris some years ago and it worked:
> > http://www.blinkenlights.de/arcade/backstage.en.html
> Wow.. Amazing. But well, these guys are real hackers I can't compare with. As I
> said DIY is ok for me, but to a certain extent only. This is too complex, and
> would take too long to build, not to mention audience security.
> Thanks a lot !

You're welcome,


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