[linux-audio-user] New Free Proyect starting

perlanegra proyect perlanegra.proyect at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 14:26:03 EST 2005

Hello community!!!

This is mi first post here, the reason of this post is a new proyect (
a very small proyect ) that I've started, I only have released a pair
of old demos sample-based, and some strange and electronic photos made
with Gimp

Unfortunatedly, the sessions are not too much amazing ( and they are
made with windows...  :S ), but I hope u join them, I've discovered
Linux this year and I'm very nodvice on this world... All u are
invited to the site, the link is on http://perlssdj.blogspot.com , I
hope the site can grow with time ( and help ), but by the moment I see
too much windows users on my counter... and this doesn't likes me... 

I'm interested on to run ProTools in Linx ( like a good sound
technician student.. ), if u know some interesting link, make me know
it, I need more informaton first...   ( I'm like a robot...  XDD )

I hope u enjoy the demos...  see u there...

...visit allways http://perlssdj.blogspot.com... and b happy !!

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