[linux-audio-user] puzzling ecasound error

Kai Vehmanen kvehmanen at eca.cx
Wed Nov 30 04:58:42 EST 2005

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005, Paul Coccoli wrote:

> Oops; my bad.  2.4.2 is the latest in Planet CCRMA.  I was wondering
> why the man page had so little to say about alsaseq.

:) The man page should be a reliable reference - it should always be up to 
date (updated at commit time when features are changed/added CVS).

> I get that plate reverb error no matter what options I use.  Is that
> something in my system configuration?

Hmm, which plate reverb that is? That warning msg seems a bit strange -- 
something wrong with the description the plate reverb reports to ecasound.

Btw, you can get a listing of all LADSPA plugins ecasound finds with:

sh> echo ladspa-register |ecasound -c

That can be fed to a file, more/less, etc. Can you see the plate reverb in 
the list?

> By the way, I'm just trying to use ecasound as a command line ladspa
> host.  Is there a simpler way to do this, or will I just have to write
> some scripts?

This is the way to run a basic 'one plugin host'. For more complex stuff, 
you need to write scripts (or a simple python/ruby/perl app) which 
controls the ecasound engine. Ecamegapedal (a LADSPA/JACK host with Qt 
interface) is built on top of ecasound, so it's certainly doable.

> Is it possible to use the interactive mode to add a
> ladspa plugin on the fly?

Yes, although you'll need to disconnect from JACK, modify the 
configuration, and then connect back (this is how ecamegapedal does
the plugin changes).

> One last comment: I was surprised that ecasound exits when the jack
> mode is "recv" and I stop the transport.  I suppose that is the
> intended behavior?

Yes, this issue has been discussed a few times on ecasound-list. As a 
result, the "--keep-running/-K" option was added to ecasound-2.4.2. This 
tells ecasound, runnin in batch (non-interactive -> no -c), not to exit 
when processing is finished (JACK transport goes from running to stopped). 
Another way to prevent exiting, is to run ecasound in interactive mode (-c).

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