[linux-audio-user] Alsa doesn't work with SB Audigy SE

chgans at free.fr chgans at free.fr
Wed Nov 30 19:15:09 EST 2005

Quoting Thomas Ilnseher <illth at gmx.de>:

> Sean Edwards schrieb:
> >>
> >>I'm a little disapointed, when i buy it, i was
> >>having two choice, a SB live! and
> >>this one, unfortunately i choose the SB audigy SE...
> >>
> Unfotunately, the sb Live! you had seen was propably one of those
> sb live 24bit 7.1. They also suck like hell, thou they might be supported,
> at least better than not-at-all. but basically these are cheap dsp-less
> soundcards,

Yes, the first was "SB live! 24 bit (7.1)" and the one i buy was the "SB audigy
SE", that is - i think by googling the web massivly - equivalent to "SB audigy
value", both have HW ref "SB0570".

> that can't do any better than some fuxx0red onboard audio chipsets.
> (ok, with some boards, audio-quality is really poor, bt the satement is
> at least true for audio processing capabilities)
OK, so what is the best choice to get a "good" sound card working at full
capacity under GNU/Linux for a price not exceding 100 euros/dollars?

I fell so ugly to have bought this board. What i want to do is:
- record peoples (us) playing bass, guitar, synth together (just to get an idea
of the "global" sound we do)
- create some midi composition with bass, guitar, synth and drums (to get some
idea about personals compositions)
- mix up individuals records of bass, guitar and synth.
- do all of these with GNU/Linux
- with a sound card, i can buy at 100 euros/dollars max.
- I don't care about 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, etc... Just stereo output will do the stuff.

Please give me some feedback, i was thinking (as the old good years) that all SB
boards was well supported under GNU/Linux, but i realized that now creative labs
bizness give us full of "merchandising" boards. The choice is really difficult
if i want to work entirely with GNU/Linux.

Any feeback will be really apreciated.


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