[linux-audio-user] Distortion (snow) Problems with Jack while redording and playback

PMG p_m_groarke at yahoo.ca
Tue Sep 6 18:03:55 EDT 2005

Hello, I am quite new to Linux and have been working
very hard in the past few weeks to get my soundcard
playback and recording to work. I am using an Edirol
UA-5 usb device. When I play sound (ex: xmms) it is
ditorted and with snow. When I record (ardour) i have
the same problem, but the ditortion is not continuos.
It is especially when i will speak. It seems to record
silence pretty well, hehe.

If someone could help me fix up jack, i will happily
post some more info if asked (since i do not really
know what could help resolving this problem). Also,
there may be a conterpart of ardour that works with
alsa?? I need a sequencer, and alsa works fine, maybe
that could be a  solution for now, though I will need
to use jack one day or another.

See ya! PMG


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