[linux-audio-user] Re: Linux-Music and making a living...

PMG p_m_groarke at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 8 00:19:26 EDT 2005

> Thanks to all of you for your replys!
> Up to now I've been using Linux mainly for learning
> Csound and for 
> making electroacoustic "academic" music (as I'm
> mainly a "classical" 
> music composer). I recently moved to Canada and
> while waiting for my 
> immigration documents (and stretching my savings)
> I've been thinking 
> about how  am I supposed to make a living as a
> composer. I was 
> considering to compose and sell some "commercial"
> music (sorry for the 
> quoting but  I just want to enfasize that I'm using
> the therms in a 
> conventional neutral way without judging the value
> of the different 
> music styles) for TV or film.

I do not encourage the making of empty (exempt of
personal expression), commercial music, but your
better chance would be making music for porn movies. I
do not intend to be vulgar or anything, really, but
the job offers are plenty, well paid and very easy. It
is simple like this: porn producers do not have the
funds to by licensed music. It costs too much for the
rights to use artists music and with the quantity of
movies that come out every year... it would be
ridiculous to spend so much money on music, which is
not so important in those movies. So, they pay
musicians to create simple tunes. With a Midi
keyboard, you have enough to satisfy there needs (no
puns intended : ) The songs are in background and
never emphasized, never complicated etc... 

Please, do not take this as an insult, it is only the
best way to get what you are asking for, a musical
job, writing easy music (I do not judge this, my
friend does that as work, and plays in a band the rest
of his time). Movies and TV have loads too much money
to pay anybody to make their music. You need a name,
or a good degree from a good university, with good
marks to get chosen by those big commercial companies.
Getting into that world is either luck, good looks
(beautiful sexy girl, with $$$ clothes, style etc...
we all know that) or good contacts. Once in a while,
they'll pay a really good musician, but you will never
be free to play what you want.

The world isn't easy, and there are just too many
musicians out there to satisfy the demands. You'll
have to fight alot if you want to get where you are
aiming at. Good luck!

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