[linux-audio-user] Linux-Music and making a living...

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Thu Sep 8 01:02:33 EDT 2005

On 07:40 PM Dave Robillard wrote:
>  I have yet to meet a musician worth listening to who's in it for the
>  money. Ask if you can create whatever sort of music you want with the
>  available tools maybe, but not if you can make money using open source
>  software - that's silly.

I don't understand why his question is silly. I thought it was rather 
sane and straightforward.

AFA a musician who's in it for the money or the art: well.. that's 
rather hard to pin down. Who knows which artist is "in it for the 
money"? You certainly can't tell from their music.
Furthermore, artists must eat, and they always find a way to. There are 
the very few that lock themselves away in a run down shack to create 
their art. That's OK with me, but that ain't the norm today. On the flip 
side, there are plenty of musicians who are in it for the art, but their 
art is not particularly good. And there are musicians that are rich and 
their art is wonderful. Art and money are mutually independent.

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