[linux-audio-user] kfusd module (oss2jack) unknown symbols with 2.6.13

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Thu Sep 15 10:23:24 EDT 2005

Salvatore Di Pietro <salvuz_78 at virgilio.it> writes:

> I am experiencing problems during the build (and consequently
> modprobe) process of Kor Nielsen hacked version of kfusd module for
> OSS2JACK, fusd-kor-1.10-9.

I used this patch:


Well, actually it didn't apply, so I patched it manually (just a few

Also see this link: 


> Maybe something changed in 2.6.13 and introduced this problem?

Yes, it did. 

> Has anyone been able to use OSS2JACK with 2.6.13 ?

I run 2.6.13-rt4 with oss2jack. I have never used this solution before
and I experience different troubles like crackles in the sound and I'm
also not able to feed a jack stream into it. It connects but it's not
putting the stream into the oss app.

I also have to run oss2jack with +s. 

I'll do some more testing before I ask anything specific, but please
report back if you get it to work with inputs and no crackles in the

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