[linux-audio-user] Looking for complicated MIDI files

Matt Rockwell mcrockwell at wisc.edu
Fri Sep 16 10:34:22 EDT 2005

I can't speak to the complexity of these files, but there certainly is a 
lot of material here..



Mario Lang wrote:
> Hi.
> I am still writing this MIDI editing mode for Emacs.  My backend is getting
> quite usable, and I reached the point where it parses and writes back out
> every MIDI file on my disk without loosing data.  However, I'd like
> to make sure that what I am working with is really robust and do yet another
> round of tests.  Thats the reason for this mail, if you have, or know
> of any complicated MIDI files, please send me private mail
> with either an attachment or a direct URL.  Complicated here means
> "uses many different standard MIDI features" or "Uses unusual MIDI commands"
> or "Is larger than 300K" or "Is a type 2 file".

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