[linux-audio-user] distro suggestions..

Leonard "paniq" Ritter paniq at paniq.org
Sat Sep 24 11:31:23 EDT 2005

> if the user is new to linux , i'd definitely be suggesting CCRMA or D3MuDi ..no sense in them getting turned away by "you mean i need gtk+-2.8.1-mm-dev? where are my kernel headers? what are kernel headers anyways?". then once they get sick of 'you mean i have to add the ___ reposity to get a version of ___ that isnt ancient? ___ repository is installed a different version of libc and insert_dep_here, is that why half my apps are now randomly segfaulting? how do i know which is which?? you mean im still have to compile all this new stuff from source anwyays and then trick the distro into thinking its installed even tho the distro was supposed..." then they can graduate to gentoo. and stare at their screen while lines and lines of CFLAGS scroll by..

hehe... at such a point, i would suggest switching to arch linux. very
responsible and up-to-date package maintaining, own package system which
also supports building from source/cvs, user package repository, and a
great community. besides that they are rather young and could use some
more support.



not dedicated to audio, but you will end up running most audio apps from
cvs anyway ;)

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