[linux-audio-user] linuxsampler distortion?

Salvatore Di Pietro salvuz_78 at virgilio.it
Wed Apr 5 22:09:15 EDT 2006

Lee Revell wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 17:40 -0400, Paul Winkler wrote:
>>Hmmm, but sometimes I get it under JACK too, with realtime priority
>>and all... will try again later.
> What soundcard, sample rate, ALSA driver version?
> This sound similar to some problems people were having running emu10k1
> devices at 44.1KHz, which disappeared when using 48KHz.

Well, not for me I have to say... I still have this "distortion/phasing"
(depending on buffer size) problem also at 48KHz with my emu10k1 SBLive.
It also happened with the others soundcards I owned: a couple SBLive 
emu10k1, ForteMedia fm801, various onboard intel8x0, even with no xruns 
even with every device on its own IRQ, from kernel 2.4.20 (maybe) with 
lowlat+preempt patches to 2.6.x vanilla & -rt patches from Ingo Molnar
with IRQ priorities set, along various versions of ALSA and JACK from 5 
years now, all built from source...
I also posted the problem (and a silly workaround that I was using :) ) 
on this list, and it started a thread you can read at

Then I bought an M-Audio Delta44 and the difference is huge. I own it 
since september 2005 and the distortion/phasing problem (more phasing 
than distortion, as i run it at 2x128 48KHz all the time) has happened 
only three-four times maybe.
Yes, it is certainly not often. BUT, it still happens, even on this good 
ice1712 card. :(

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