[linux-audio-user] Muse timing and Rosegarden crashing X

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Thu Apr 6 17:17:48 EDT 2006

On Thursday 06 Apr 2006 04:29, Hector Centeno-Garcia wrote:
> Robert Jonsson wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >On Wednesday 05 Apr 2006 16:17, Hector Centeno-Garcia wrote:
> ><...>
> >
> >>Thanks Robert for your interest. The MIDI file I'm using for testing was
> >>made in a windows system (using Cubase) so I have the tempo reference
> >>from there. I played the music and I can hear that the tempo is faster
> >>in Muse and is the right one in Rosegarden.

You mention that you can hear that it's faster, in my mind that means that it 
must be quite a bit faster, how much faster do you recon it is? %, bpm?

I've tried to import some mid files and compared with how timidity play them 
and cannot detect any audible difference. There is some difference in how 
long timidity and muse reports the pieces to be but I can't be sure they 
count the same so it's hard to tell.


> >
> >If you try 'file themidifile.mid' on the original midi file you imported,
> > what information does it print?
> >Possibly it's a format that muse does not handle correctly.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Robert
> >
> >>Hector.
> This is the output:
>  Standard MIDI data (format 1) using 51 tracks at 1/120
> Regards,
> Hector


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