[linux-audio-user] Motherboard recommendations

Carotinho carotinobg at yahoo.it
Mon Apr 10 17:36:09 EDT 2006


Alle 14:19, domenica 9 aprile 2006, Paul Davis ha scritto:
> > I hear quite often, that there comes a lot of Extratrouble with using
> > 64versions of Linux. Especially, that most Apps are not optimized for
> > and thus run in a Legacy-Mode, that is slower then running them on a
> > 32bitCPU.
> This is not true. Its important that myths like this do not spread.
> What is true is that it is not possible to use shared objects compiled
> for one word size with host apps compiled for another. So, if you run
> your amd64 processor(s) in 64 bit mode, you will not have
> flash/shockwave inside firefox since there are not 64 bit plugin
> versions available.

But do I have to run a 64bit distro on a system running at 64bit?
I'm too trying to save money for buying a new system:)




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