[linux-audio-user] Edirol UA-25 and low-latency

Jonny Stutters jstutters at jeremah.co.uk
Mon Apr 10 18:07:57 EDT 2006

Adrien DANIEL wrote:
> Hello !
> I am a lot interested by the Edirol UA-25. I think I will buy it ! :)
> But before, I would like to know if some of you have tried it, have 
> known issues with it or not, were or were not able to get a low-latency 
> with JACK (64, 32 or 16 frames/period)... etc...
> Thank you very much to share your experience with me, I need feedbacks 
> as soon as possible !

It's been fine for me so far (reliable enough for gigs).  Jack latency 
is 10.6ms, can't remember the frames/period for that off the top of my 
head.  The response is fast enough for keyboard playing and live input 
processing.  To get that without xruns I had to use a fully-preemptible 
kernel.  I'd recommend it for getting sound in and out a laptop.


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