[linux-audio-user] Java and native MIDI ports

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Mon Apr 17 08:49:54 EDT 2006

Adrien DANIEL wrote:
> I read somewhere 
> (http://jsresources.sourceforge.net/faq_midi.html#connect_midi) that 
> the native apps MIDI ports of the ALSA system where reachable in the 
> Java 5 Sound API (as MidiDevice) when the virmidi module is loaded.
> Well, I loaded it, listed every MidiDevice availables on the Java 
> System with a little piece of Java code, but I can't see, for example, 
> the vkeybd Output port or the FluidSynth Input port !

How Java's MidiDevice ports are mapped to real ports depends on the
virtual machine.  Which one are you using, and how is its MIDI support

What is the list output by your program?  What is the output of
"amidi -l" and "aplaymidi -l"?


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