[linux-audio-user] Digigram VX Pocket firmware help

Hamish Low sub_acoustic at yahoo.co.nz
Fri Apr 21 18:59:01 EDT 2006

Asbjørn wrote>  DeMuDi is Debian-based.  And Debian does not ship 
proprietary firmware.  
Did you get the firmware from elsewhere?

The vxpocket modules are in Alsa 0.9.1 onward.  I downloaded the latest 
stable ALSA files from one of the alsa mirrors and tried to follow the 
instructions.  I've also just realised that I was trying to follow the 
instructions on for the VXpocket 440 when I have the VXpocket V2.  The 
ALSA Soundcard page only links to the 440 page - though it looks like 
the instructions are the same.  Have you already tried re-compiling the 


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