[linux-audio-user] jackEQ-0.4.1 released

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Apr 25 19:33:32 EDT 2006


It's fairly straightforward.

Each channel has stereo i/o which can be connected in four ways:

- Directly
- To an aux send 1/2
- To the master channel with xfade
- To the monitor out pre gain

Aux send slider/meter controls the input volume. Input is sent direct to 
master and can also be sent to monitor pre gain.

In total there are 16 possible input/output connections.

If necessary you can also connect directly to the monitor and master 
inputs from any other JACK app.

FYI, I intend to add support for LASH and OSC/midi controllers.


stuff at trackingsolutions.ca wrote:
> Is there a doc on connecting JackEQ to something like qsynth outputting to 
> ardour?
> On Tuesday 25 April 2006 11:22 am, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This release fixes a bug with the code for identifying the djEQ plugin.
>> Tested and installed locally. YMMV. Please report bugs or installation
>> problems to the jackEQ list.
>> http://www.jackeq.sf.net
>> ---------------------------------------------------------
>> jackEQ wll allow sound as rich and powerful as Jackie O, as street smart
>> as Jackie Brown. Is jackEQ more than you can handle?
>> jackEQ is a tool for routing and manipulating audio from/to multiple
>> input/output sources. It runs in the JACK Audio Connection Kit, and uses
>> LADSPA for its backend DSP work, specifically the DJ EQ swh plugin
>> created by Steve Harris, one of jackEQ's main authors.
>> jackEQ is intended to provide an accessible method for tweaking the
>> treble, mid and bass of any JACK aware applications output. Designed
>> specifically for live performance, it is modelled on varous DJ mixing
>> consoles which the main author has used.
>> Features:
>> JACK i/o
>> 4 x stereo i/o channels with EQs, independant gain controls and meters
>> Stereo monitor and master outputs with indpendant gain control and meters
>> 3band graphic EQ for each channel
>> 		 Bass:	    100 Hz
>> Range		 Mid:	    1000 Hz
>> 		 Treble:    10000 Hz
>> cross fader support: All channels assignable plus mute and all
>> 2x stereo aux send/return with monitor buttons (pre gain).
>> Internal jack i/o connections assignable from Ports menu.
>> -----------------------------------------------------------
>> Cheers.

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