[linux-audio-user] Midi problems with Yamaha PSR-273

Bert Visser bourdon at kabelfoon.net
Sun Apr 30 08:43:22 EDT 2006

Esa Linna schreef:
> Bert Visser :
>> Do you have a soundfont loaded on the Audigy?
> No, but should amidi with "--dump" show any data that's coming from my 
> Yamaha keyboard?
Yes, it should. If it doesn't then the computer receives nothing. I 
presume that Kmidimon also shows nothing?
>> Is the synth-knob active in the mixer and is the slider up?
> Yes, slider's up and active.
>> Have you tried toggling the analog/digital output in the mixer (if 
>> it's there)?
> Yes, audio works fine and midi is working too (I can listen to .mid 
> -files), but playing works only with Virtual Keyboard.
>> Can you send midi data the other way, i.e from computer to the PSR?
> No.
It looks very much like there is no communication between the PSR and 
the computer. Nigel mentioned the module snd-mpu401; this may be the 
solution as on my system this one is loaded and everything is working.

P.S. when sending data to the PSR Local must be On or you won't hear 


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