[linux-audio-user] Progress

Folderol folderol at ukfsn.org
Sun Apr 30 20:22:49 EDT 2006

Hello, 'smee again.

After an epic battle with my computer again (but you don't want to
hear about that) I've been able to do some updates to my site. Oh rats!
Is it REALLY 1:20am?

Ghost train is now oggificated and the level increased a little.
Awakening The Avenger has a drum track, although I really am not very
happy with it. Some of the instruments have also been re-balanced

There are also a couple of new ones. The Devil's Tea Party should send
shivers down your spine if I've done it right, and Childhood Past will
hopefully evoke wistful memories and make you all go 'Ahhhhhh'. This,
at over 7min, is also probably the longest individual track I've

Now that I have a decent sound card I'm starting to do something I've
wanted to for quite some time; that is combine the best voices and
effects of my external synths with beautifully clean sounds I can get
from ZynAddSubFX

As usual the url is:




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