[linux-audio-user] soundcard sharing irq with idle devices

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 03:42:01 EST 2006


Reading the thread(s) on realtime-kernels, I decided to have another go
at putting my sound card (IBM T41 laptop) on it's own IRQ. Through luck,
some black BIOS-magic and help from linux thinkpad mailing list I
managed to move the sound card, PC-card, modem and SMBus
controller(whatever that is) to their own IRQ. I'm still trying to get
*only* the sound card's IRQ moved.

My question is: Since I don't use the pc-card or the modem, and provided
that SMBus is something I don't use, will having these extra stuff on
the same IRQ as the sound card be a problem? Will it make any difference
if I don't load the kernel modules for the pc card/modem thereby
disabling them?

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