[linux-audio-user] Realtiem kernel.

J M Needham J.M.Needham at bath.ac.uk
Fri Dec 1 03:47:51 EST 2006

On Wed, 29 Nov 2006, Oliver Bengs wrote:

> J M Needham <J.M.Needham at bath.ac.uk> schrieb:
> > I found
> > http://repos.opensuse.org/home:/appleonkel/SUSE_Linux_10.1/i586/kernel-rt-default-2.6.18-8.5.i586.rpm
> This is the testing version, the known to work you can download from
> ftp://ftp-1.gwdg.de/pub/linux/misc/jacklab/SUSE-10.1/RPMS/i586
> What is the error?

I don't know. [basic newbie face] there's lots and lots of seemingly
random characters and I don't know how to dump the output to a file, or if
it is dumped to which file it is. (if that makes any sense).

> > on the internet while looking for info on how to patch a
> > realtime kernel in suse 10.1. I'm having some problems with it (it
> > didn't boot; I used rpm -i ... to install it) and so if anyone has any
> There is already a guide HowTo install:
> http://jacklab.net/userwiki/index.php/Nerd_3_Steps_to_JAD#Install_kernel_and_software

I found this but the problem I had was that the wget calls


returned 404's. Does anyone know what's going on with the Jack repository
as I can't add it as a source.

> > experience with this or advice for SUSE 10.1 (I'm leaving suse soon
> > anyway -- heading to DeMuDi) then I'd appreciate. I understand that
> > patching a kernel for suse 10.1 with a realtime patch is non-trivial.
> Yeah
> > Any help appreciated.
> > Jonty
> >
> Olli

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