[linux-audio-user] where are the "made in linux "logo's now ?

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sat Dec 2 12:56:20 EST 2006

> Is your website hosted on a path used by your list to transit mail ?
> (like does it do anything like smtp routing ?)

They shouldn't be as the listserv is hosted by the Agnula server (I was
planning on moving the listserv over sometime soon, but not until I resolve
current more pressing matters obviously). It was hosted there even before we
moved the main server so I do not think it is in any shape or form
associated (especially since the lists.linuxaudio.org domain is explicitly
associated with a different server). Unless I am missing something?

Also, IIRC mail server was not initially enabled on our end (at one point it
was enabled for our internal listserv testing purposes but has been disabled
since), and the Agnula listserv still worked ok...

> Did both problems start at the same time ?

Not quite, but oddly they were not far apart from each other either (maybe

All that being said, the linuxaudio.org site is back up. Let's see how long
it stays up this time around...

Best wishes,


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