[linux-audio-user] Bristol segfaults when run on real-time kernel while works fine on regular.

Glen Kirkup handstandnosemanual at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 2 17:08:27 EST 2006

Unfortunately I've recently come across a problem when running the 
startBristol script. I switch between two kernels (CK for desktop and RT7-CK 
for real-time music work). When within the CK kernel the program runs as 
expected, but when in the RT7-CK kernel, as both user and root, the program 
crashes and outputs this message with any selection of synth, audio driver 
and port:

[root at myhost bin]# ./startBristol -jack
./startBristol: line 188: [: too many arguments
spawning midi thread
parent going into idle loop
midi sequencer
Problem with bind
Could not open control listening socket: 0
No controlling socket available: anticipating MIDI
connected to :0 (814b2f0)
Error opening control device, exiting midi thread
display is 1280 by 800 pixels
Window is w 1280, h 800, d 24, 0 0 0
Using TrueColor display
masks are ff0000 ff0000 ff0000
Initialise the arp2600 link to bristol: 8153348
hostname is localhost, bristol
port is 5028
./startBristol: line 272:  3877 Segmentation fault      brighton $* -engine
[root at myhost bin]# parent exiting

[root at myhost bin]#

As a Linux novice I do not know what could cause this. I changed the 
permissions of the entire bristol-0.9.5 directory to '777' after my 
preliminary tests, but this did not help. I have not experienced problems 
with other audio software using this kernel. If anyone could give assistance 
then I would be extremely grateful.


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